Coming Soon - Vesperode Castle

Here is a little teaser for a project I'm working on. Set in the world of 'Masquerader', Vesperode Castle stands tall, a captivating fortress situated along the windswept coastline. It was constructed by order of the enigmatic King Ravik the Blind, a ruler of remarkable vision despite his lack of sight. For centuries, the castle gleamed with grandeur, drawing awe and admiration from all who beheld it. However, destiny wove a mysterious tale, and the castle eventually succumbed to abandonment, its once bustling halls now silent and empty. But could it be that unseen inhabitants still dwell within its ancient walls, their presence veiled from mortal eyes?

I'm still having a lot of fun with the brick gothic architecture. I made a quick 3D blockout in Blender and used it as a base for my lineart. Up next: adding some color!